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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tough Times! Jeez....

An unemployed Egyptian identified as Khaled. L has been arrested and charged with stealing his wife’s kidney.

In a plot straight out of a movie, the police in Cairo, Egypt, received a tip off from the family of the victim that man stole a kidney.

According to the report in Egyptian newspaper ‘Al Youm Al Sabea’a’, the wife told the police that her husband drugged her juice and when she felt sick, told her he was taking her to hospital.

At the clinic he took her to, she was sedated under the pretext of treatment and her kidney was removed.

She accused her husband of signing an agreement with the sponsors of the clinic to buy the kidney for 12,000 (Dh6,000) Egyptian pounds (approximately US $1000).

The victim's wife who is identified as Hana’a Y is a housewife said has a child.

“I was surprised to discover a bandage on my right side and did not know the reason. My family rushed me to the hospital where they were shocked when they discovered my kidney was gone,” she said.

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