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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Venezuela? WTF!

Above we highlight the year to date performance of the major equity market indices for 78 countries.  The average country on the list is now down 14.15% year to date.  This makes the S&P 500's year to date decline of 3.02% look pretty impressive.  The US is currently the 13th best performing country on the list. 
The UK ranks second out of the G7 countries with a YTD decline of 8.69%.  Italy has been the worst performing G7 country in 2011 with a decline of 27.76%. 
Brazil is the best performing BRIC country with a decline of 18.69%.  India is the worst at -24.47%. 
Venezuela currently ranks at the top of the list with a YTD gain of 79.24%, but keep in mind that the country's annual inflation is up 27%.  Pakistan ranks second with a gain of 31.93%, followed by Jamaica in third at 11.37%.  Greece is unsurprisingly the worst performing country year to date with a decline of 53.61%.

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