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Thursday, December 8, 2011

1000th Posts - Think This Sums Up My Blog

'Black sheep' takes liking to deer

This unnatural pairing of sheep and deer at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park is an almost everyday occurrence, and animal handlers are scratching their heads to explain it.

In total, the park houses six deer, among which three are male and three female, and two sheep, a male and a female, who are all kept in the same pen.

Recently, however, the male sheep, dubbed Changmao, has taken a liking to one particular female deer, named Chunzi.

According to one of the handlers, Changmao has completely integrated himself into deer society, even besting the "deer king" for dominance of the entire herd last November - and starting into his marathon mating session with Chunzi.

The handlers haven't deigned to separate the animals, as they know no offspring could result, and "everyone involved seems to be enjoying it, so why not just let it be?"

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