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Monday, January 9, 2012

I Ask You This...Which One Had The Sex Change?

The first wedding - October 2002 and The second wedding was June 2011

Like a lot of couples, Barry and Anne Watson wanted to renew their ­marriage vows.
But when they went ahead nine years after their ­wedding, there was a big difference... this time Barry was a ­woman called Jayne.
And Anne was only too happy to go ahead with the ceremony to show how much she loved her new wife.
“At first Anne was furious when I told her I wanted a sex change,” says Barry, 43, a former bus driver who changed his name to Jayne by deed poll.
“Our marriage had been going through problems and she thought I’d been cheating on her with another woman. But I just wanted to be one.
“Anne came to ­accept me for who I wanted to be and love me as Jayne. ­Renewing our vows seemed the perfect way to tell the world how ­happy we are with our new lives.” . . .

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